Zlatko Ugljen Career

Zlatko Ugljen Career

Zlatko Ugljen was born on 15 September 1929 in Mostar.

Graduated in 1949 from the Engineering High School in Sarajevo and continued with his practical training at the National Design Firm.

In 1950, joined the study course in architecture at the School of Engineering of the University of Sarajevo, where he graduated in 1958.

In November 1960, began teaching, conducting practical exercises at the Department of Architecture, on the subject of Design I (Design of Residential Buildings, and Tourism and Catering Industry Buildings).

In 1962, became Assistant Lecturer, and thus began full-time work at the Department of Architecture.

In 1970, as a teaching staff member of the Faculty for Architecture of the University of Sarajevo, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Professor on the subject of Design I; in 1975, he became Associate Professor on the subject of Architectural Design I, and in 1985, he became a Full Professor on the same subject, and was re-elected in 1989. He taught this subject until his retirement in 2000.

His work was closely connected to the Institute for Architecture, Town Planning and Zoning of the Faculty for Architecture of the University of Sarajevo, where he was the Head of the A-4 Group until 1992.

Received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1983, for his design of the Sherefudin White Mosque in Visoko.

Accepted the invitation of the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, when the Department of Industrial Design was formed, and took up full professorship at this school in 1986; still lecturing on the subject of Unique Formal Design and post-graduate studies.

Gave numerous lectures on his architectural works, such as:

Los Angeles - UCLA, 1984
Munich - Bayerische Architektenkammer, 1993
Ljubljana – The University of Ljubljana, The Faculty of Architecture, 1993
Lausanne – The University of Lausanne, 1994
Istanbul - IRCICA, 1994

He exhibited his works throughout the world at 19 solo and 23 group exhibitions.

Along with his teaching work, he is still active in the areas of design and town planning.

In 2001, became Professor Emeritus.

In 2002, became an academician, i.e. full member the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2006, became a corresponding member (academician) of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

In 2007, became a corresponding member (academician) of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

  • National Theatre in Zenica, 1974
  • Hotel Visoko in Visoko, 1974
  • Hotel Ruža in Mostar, 1975
  • Hotel Bregava in Stolac, 1975
  • Holiday family house Mikulić in Bugojno, 1976
  • Motel and hospitality campus in Vukosavci near Tuzla, 1976
  • Residence of the Executive council of B&H at Tjentište, 1978
  • Šerefudin White Mosque in Visoko, 1979
  • Residence of President of SFRY „Gorica“ in Bugojno, 1979
  • Mountain Hotel „Vučko“ on Mount Jahorina, 1983
  • Hotel Kalin in Bugojno, 1983
  • Annex Stojčevac in Sarajevo, 1984
  • Memorial School and Clinic Prusac, 2002
  • Mosque of the Behramnbey madrasa in Tuzla, 2002
  • Retired Priests' home in Mostar, 2004
  • Catholic Church of St Paul with Franciscan monastery in Tuzla, 2006
  • Chapel within the Mostar Bishop's palace, 2006
  • Catholic Chapel of St. Clara in Svilaj, 2009
  • Catholic Church of Madona of Angels in Nova Bila, 2009
  • Chatolic Church of St. Francis in Žeravac, 2010
  • Catholic Church of St Mark in Plehan near Derventa, 2011
  • St. Ivo Chapel in Plehan near Derventa, 2011
  • Parish Office in Plehan near Derventa, 2011
  • Cultural Center (Museum Space and Gallery) in Plehan near Derventa, (under construction)
  • Administrative Building of Rijaset of Islamic Community of B&H, (under construction)
  • Catholic Chapel on Kalvarija, 2017
  • Residential and Administrative building „Turali-begov vakuf“ in Tuzla, 2019
  • ULUPUBIH Exhibition pavilion in Sarajevo, 1970
  • Roman Catholic catedrale in Mostar, 1972
  • The Bethlehem hotel, the Palestinian Territories, 1980
  • Residential Complex in Abu Dhabi, 1989
  • Apartment block in Proleterske brigade street in Zagreb, Croatia 1990
  • Apartment block in Nova Ves in Zagreb, Croatia 1992
  • Intergrated apartment block of Azur printing house in Nova Ves in Zagreb, Croatia 1994
  • Familiy house in Minusio in Switzerland, 1994
  • Recreation Center „Bijela tabija“ in Sarajevo, 2004
  • Chatolic Church in Čapljina, 2007
  • Chatolic Church in Guča Gora, 2008
  • Urban Design (Analysis) for Gruž in Dubrovnik, Croatia , 2012
  • Sarajevo Menora, 1964
  • Sculpture „The Ten Commandments“ in Jewish Museum Sarajevo, 1967
  • Monument to Victims of Aggression in Tuzla, 2001
  • Sixth of April Award of the City of Sarajevo, 1962
  • Award ULUPUBiH, 1962
  • Borba, Yugoslav Federal Award for Architecture, 1978
  • Twelfth of April Award of the City of Zenica, 1978
  • DAS Award, 1980
  • Twenty-seventh of July Award of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1983
  • Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 1983
  • Diploma of the Federal Association of Conservators of Yugoslavia, 1985

Zlatko Ugljen, a Retrospective Exibition:

  • Sarajevo, National Gallery of B&H, May 1984
  • Mostar, National Theatre, July 1984
  • Osijek, Osijek Fine Arts Gallery, January 1985
  • Belgrade, Museum of the Applied Arts, February 1985
  • Tuzla, Yugoslav Portrait Gallery, March 1985
  • Zenica, Art Gallery, April-May 1985
  • Novi Sad, Serbian National Theatre, December, 1985
  • Paris, Yugoslav Cultural Centre, March 1986
  • Split, Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments, December 1986
  • Zagreb, Museum of Arts and Crafts, February 1987
  • Ljubljana, Rihard Jakopič Art Gallery, April 1987

Religious Architecture

  • Sarajevo, Energoinvest Gallery - Fine Arts Academy sarajevo, January 1989

Two Places of Worship

  • Sarajevo, Museum of Literature, July 1996
  • Tuzla, International Portrait Gallery, August 1996

Plehan Religious and Cultural Centre

  • Slavonski Brod, Franciscan Monastery Quarter, 1998

50 Years of the Art of Building (Retrospective Exhibition)

  • Čapljina, 2009
  • Mostar, 2010
  • Podgorica, Montenegro, 2012

Kalvarija (Catholic Chapel on Kalvarija), Oris House of Architecture Zagreb, 2018

Two Chapels, Zenica 2018, Mostar 2019, Visoko 2019

Challenge, 20 Yugoslav architects

  • Zagreb, Art Pavilion, 1971


Contemporary Yugoslav architecture

  • New York, Yugoslav Information and Cultural Centre, 1985.
  • Jakarta, Peking, Shanghai, 1985


Biennale of Religious Architecture: Architecture and Sacral Space in the Modern World

  • Venice, Antichi granai alla Giudecca, 1992 - 1993
  • Munich, Galerie an der Finkenstrasse - German Association for Christian Art, 1993
  • Berlin, 1993
  • London, RIBA, 1993


Architectural Plans

  • Gallery Medusa. Piran, 1993


Architecture for a Changing World

  • In several cities in Asia, Africa and Europe, 1995


Architects - Academicians of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Sarajevo, 1996
  • Zagreb, 1998
  • Maribor, 1998
  • Budapest, 1999


25 Years of the Fine Arts Academy of B&H

  • Sarajevo, National Art Gallery of B&H, 1998


50 Years of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo

  • Sarajevo, Collegium Artisticum, 2000


Oris - Idea (Sketches of Architects)

  • Throughout Europe


Architectural Space and Prayer (Places for Jewish, Christian and Islamic Prayer at the Millennium)

  • Pannonhalma, Hungary, 2007


Balkanology. New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in Southeast Europe, Basel, 2009.


„Mosque, Mosques“

  • IFA Gallery, Stuttgardt, 2012
  • IFA Gallery, Berlin, 2012


Das Gemeinsame, das es nicht mehr gibt

  • Wien, 2012


Kubus oder Kuppel, Moscheen, Munchen 2013


Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia 1948 -1980.

  • The Museum of Modern Art (moMA) New York, 2018-2019
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